a new program, SAFE NET, designed to provide first responders with pertinent information about Raleigh County children with special needs.

SAFE NET, which stands for Special needs Alert Management System For Eligible children Needing Emergency Transport, is a joint effort between Raleigh County Schools Parent Educator Resource Center and Raleigh County Emergency Operations Center. It allows residents to register their child’s specific information on the EOC website. Parents of children with special needs can register their child online for free at This form will collect information such as breathing problems, diabetes, heart problems, hearing impairment, vision impairment, seizures and limited mobility.

If a 911 call is placed from a landline, the information entered will become available to emergency personnel.

“Several months ago we began to think of ways to address the needs of our special needs population in Raleigh County,” said Marty Agee, director of Raleigh County EOC. “We formed a committee and met as a group on numerous occasions to work on a program that might be effective.”

The committee is comprised of Agee; Richard Filipek, computer systems specialist for the EOC; India Hosch, special education nurse; along with Ann Darby and Lori Thompson with the Parent Educator Resource Center.

Agee stressed that the information provided by parents can only be accessed by emergency response personnel after a call has been placed from a landline phone.

Information parents may feel is pertinent to include would be prescribed medication, if the child is in a wheelchair, or if they have a speech impediment.

Unfortunately this service can only be connected to landlines, not cell phones, but the committee hopes that as technology advances cell phones can one day be used.



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