Movie day 2 16 13 10:30 am

Attention Families of children with Disabilities!

For a parent to take their child to the movies can be a challenge.  But for those parents who have children with special needs, they can face special challenges as well.

We understand that sometimes the idea going to the movies can be overwhelming.

That is why Marquee Cinemas Galleria 14 in Beckley has starting a Monthly Showing Designed just for special needs families!


February 16 2013
10:30 AM
Escape From Planet Earth
Matinee Pricing Applies
(With Pre-show Valentines cookies and juice provided by Sam’s Club of Beckley)


We understand that some kids have a hard time sitting still, others want to talk during the movie or act out with the action on screen.  NOT A PROBLEM, because you will be with families who understand and have their own challenges!Give your children the joy of experiencing movies on the Big Screen!

NEW Family friendly films

Headphones available to those who need them

Handicap accessible

Special Accommodations for families who normally cannot take their little ones to the movies with no worries!!  


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