Yes, I Can! DANCE is Back!!

A Dance Class for Children of ALL Abilities and Their Siblings
dance  copy
Yes, I Can! DANCE, is a Dance class for children of all abilities. No matter the diagnosis we are offering a class designed to meet the special needs community. YICD in association with the West Virginia Dance Company takes mobility and sensory into consideration with this open class environment. We encourage siblings and parents to participate.    We have received great response to the idea of a dance class for Special Needs Children and their families. This program is offered for a limited time at no cost.

Classes will be held in
The Main Community Room of  Faith Community Church
299 Grey Flats Rd   Beckley, WV 25801

Tue., September 23 – 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Parents Meeting
Depending on the number of participants we are planning on 2 sessions.
Little movers 5:00- 5:45  and Advanced Groovers 6:00-7:00 Starting September 30.

YICD is a project of the Down Syndrome Family Support Group of Southern West Virginia &  5 Star Playlabs, but is open to all children of the Special Needs Community.

Our Instructor: Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark, 22, of Greenville, OH, began studying dance at the age of 4 in Barbara Rethlake’s Dance Studio. Professionally Cameron danced with Simerson and Co. and debuted with the company at Jacob’s Pillow on July 25th, 2014. Cameron now dances with West Virginia Dance Company in Beckley, WV.  He looks forward to his first season with the company and working with YICD.


Registration/RELEASE Form: (Please print clearly)
Student’s Name:___________________________________________________________
Sibling Participants: ________________________________________________________
Parents/Guardians’ Names:__________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________

To better prepare for the class we would like to ask a couple of questions about the student:


What are his/her Special Needs/Diagnosis:

Does he/she have an apparatus or orthotics?

Are there other conditions we should know about? (i.e. vision, hearing impaired, sensory)

Students should dress comfortably in t-shirts and active wear. Please bring your own water or beverage. Since there will be substantial movement, we ask that students wear all orthotics and use any apparatus as medically

needed. We will work them with hopes they will fully participate and get the most out of every class.
NOTE: PARENTS/GUARDIANS are required to stay during the class. You know your child best. We ask that you stay as an encouragement to your child as well as a supervisor of his/her condition. By signing this form, you agree that you will stay during all classes and you also acknowledge that the student is medically able to participate. As you and your students are participating of your own free will, you agree to hold forever harmless and release all participating entities including but not limited to The Down Syndrome Family Support Group of Southern West Virginia, 5 Star Playlabs, Faith Community Church, The West Virginia Dance Company, New River Community and Technical College, as well as all members and organizers, of liability of any kind whatsoever, including injury or death that may occur. If you are not in agreement with this provision and are not willing to further attest by signature of your acceptance to these terms, we recommend you do not participate. By signing this registration form, you are releasing all involved entities of all liability and agree to the concept of this program.

Signature ___________________________________ Date:___________________________



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