World Down Syndrome Day 3/21

It is more than just a day…Do something eXtra in honor of those we love with an extra Chromosome from now until 3/21.
21 Days of Kindness – yeah, we have all been snowed in – cabin fever has hit.  We are getting out and about for the first time in what seems like forever and now World Down Syndrome Day is upon us!  but celebrating this big day is easy in very small ways.  With Random Acts of Kindness – Here is how it works..  But remember – have fun and smile.. are sharing a joy!


We have created a list of 21 free or inexpensive ideas for random acts of kindness.  These are just some thought starters for you..

Get creative, come up with new and original ideas and have FUN!

1.Babysit for free for a friend

2.Do odd jobs for an elderly person

3.Leave a bag of microwave popcorn on a Redbox

4.Leave quarters at a laundromat


6.Buy some extra canned goods for the local food bank

7.Leave a book in a hospital waiting room

8.Write  a letter of appreciation to someone

9.Donate blood

10.Leave a couple of dollars at a dollar store

11.Donate gently used clothing to a shelter

12.Tape change to a vending machine

13.Donate a book to your library or hospital

14.Take supplies to an animal shelter

15.Leave quarters on the riding toys at the mall

16.Leave bus fare at a bus stop

17.Leave bubbles or sidewalk chalk at the park

18.Leave ice water for construction workers

19.Make a thank you poster and hang it at your child’s School

20.Take balloons to the park and hand them out

21.Pickup Litter In Your Neighborhood,park,etc.

21 Days of Kindness – Go!



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