Happy World Down Syndrome Day!


Today is World Down Syndrome Day.
As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome the last 5 years has been a journey of learning.  The one thing that I can say that we have learned more than anything is that we should give her every opportunity.  She always “Exceeds Expectations.”
She is a talented little thing with a will and determination that will not stop.
When we began this journey, we were lost. Then, we met other parents, made friends along the way, and found that we were not alone.  Supporting one another, encouraging and living by example, they have shown us that our blessings can be anything, do anything, and achieve anything.
As we celebrate this World Down Syndrome Day, we ask that you go the extra mile for someone today in celebration of those with the extra chromosome.  Pay it forward and share your gift. whatever it might be.  Even a smile can change the world for someone.  It sure has for us.

Celebrate the ABILITY!

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