Reminder: Sensory Film program continues Tomorrow.

Just a friendly reminder that we will be hosting another Sensory Friendly Film showing of TROLLS at the Galleria 14 in Beckley  Saturday at 11AM.  We invite you to bring the family and enjoy a fun movie in a very accepting environment. We do not judge. We only want to provide a movie experience for families that is comforting and enjoyable.

Why do we do Sensory Films?
There are many reasons.  First and Foremost the challenges that special needs families face can make something as simple as going to the movies a chore!  Stimulation overload. Loud sounds. Fidgets.  Apparatus accommodations.  Many times we find that some families feel that it is easier to just stay home. In this instance everyone looses.
As a child, some of my most favorite memories is going to see the original Star Wars with my Dad.  It is a memory that I will carry with me all my life. Why should our families miss out on that fabulous family activity of going to the movies AS A FAMILY.  It is an opportunity for a FAMILY experience that everyone can enjoy. Don’t worry about sitting still or being quiet. Come as you are.

Secondly, it is a Training Ground.
Social /Emotional interactions can be a challenge for some of our kids. It is Focal Point of the early education. These skills are something that may not come naturally to your child. How do we learn? Practice!  Getting out into a group that understands and does not judge when things lead to a sensory overload or meltdown. We get it.



We hope to see you soon!


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