Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We know that this time of year is one of craziness. We parents are trying to keep up – running – trying to give our families the best possible Christmas we can.

As we pause here at the end of the year to reflect on our year, I would love to be able to share one of those family letters of a year in review.  Down With That has had a busy year.  Our sensory Movies program is growing,  We were able to expand our local libraries Special Needs Resource section. We had the Best Buddy Walk yet!   We gathered and made new friends.  Overall it was a year of Victories.  And we look forward to 2017.  

Did you ever notice how many stories shared this holiday season feature characters that are different, once seen as outcasts and unable to participate because of the prejudice of others?      Here are just a couple Examples.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) – nearly all the characters are different (Island of misfit toys, Hermey the Elf, and of course Rudolph)  Timeless Story of acceptance.

Nester The long Eared Christmas Donkey: Teased for his Genetic Deformity and told he was worthless – He saves the day.  A most important day.
Elf:  When you are not in the right place – Finding your place can be a challenge. You have to adapt. But how you were raised is so important to face the challenges that come. 

Arthur Christmas: Everyone is important.

The one thing that all these stories have in common is a happy ending.  Things work out, especially when someone sees the value and unique talents that these characters bring to the table. I am sure there are others, but you get the Idea.

All it takes is one person to spark the confidence and accept that everyone has a value! What makes us different, makes us strong!   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  May your light shine bright!  We look forward to you bringing your unique talents to our growing family in 2017!




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