It’s World Down Syndrome Day! 3/21

We asked our facebook group this question:  What is something that you would tell your younger parent self, regarding your journey as a Special Needs Parent?

Here is what they said:  

Shirley: Oh wow …. so many thoughts on this one but the main one is treasure every moment and always try to look at life thru his or her eyes. It is amazing if you do !!

Patty: Relax!! Your child’s’ going to lead the way, your job is just to guide them along ❤❤️❤️😊

Kimberley: NEVER attend a school IEP meeting without support!

Corinne: I would say … God has blessed you with this child because you were a perfect fit . No two children with special needs are the same and no matter how much research you do , you are not going to find a perfect match or a miracle cure and you don’t need to because your baby is not broken and you don’t need to fix her. Take a deep breath , embrace the differences and build upon the foundation in front of you …she is exactly what you.need and it’s your God given duty to be to give everything she deserves to have and teach her to do.the same for herself.

In Summary:  Relax, Enjoy the moments,  Find support when you need it, and Embrace the Journey.  

What would you add?
Thanks Guys!


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