Items of Interest.

This is a comprehensive guide for parents about what to look for regarding Sensory development. I feel it is something we should be aware of. Feel free to share.

A few other resources that have come across our desk. While we do not endorse any of these programs, we want to make sure that if there is information available we will share it. It seem that the biggest battle we have is finding the information we need.

Please do your homework and if it works for you share!

We are a team looking out for the best interests of our families. If you have resources you would like to make available to the Down With That Family – Comment, Post or email us at

Equipment resource recommendations from our Families:

Medical Services from Easter Seals 

Wv Healthy Kids

Children’s Therapy Clinic 

Coverage for All 

Our Little Guys and Gals are super Special and need to look great!  Check out the Jeans Designed specifically for Persons with Down Syndrome.  Down Designs


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