Back to School

New Teachers, New Classrooms!  Here are a few notes to think about for Transition to the new fall school schedule.

Communication with any Teachers, Principal, and Staff is very important!

1)Take your child to visit the new program so that you and your child are familiar with the teacher, the staff, and the new classroom before the program starts.

2)Help the new teacher learn about your child’s needs, strengths, and abilities.
We would suggest an All About me Note you can download here… All About Me transition booklet  Consider this your “Cliff Notes” about your child to your school or daycare . This is just an outline you can edit it to fit your needs.

3) Develop a method and schedule of communication with your child’s new teacher and other program staff. For example, will you share a home-school notebook? If so, how often? What are the best times for you to call? Talk with the staff in your child’s new program about options for family involvement. Tell them how you would like to be involved.

4) Ask the new teacher to keep you informed of the goals and strategies that they use at school. You may want to use these at home.

5) Observe your child in the new program. (Ask to be in the classroom occasionally or be a parent volunteer!) Feel free to ask questions. For example, if you observe during free play and the teacher seems to be just playing with the children, don’t assume that this is all the teacher is doing , many skills are focused on during play such as language, concept development, and social interaction.  If you ask questions, the teacher can explain how she or he provides opportunities for learning during play time.

6) You may want to help other children in the class learn about your child and his or her special needs. Some parents have talked with the other children in the class about special needs or have let the other children experience what it is like to not be able to hear, see, or walk. You can talk to your child’s new teacher about this. Others do not and prefer to deal with questions from children if and when they arise. If you do not want to prepare other children, talk with the teacher about how you would like program staff to answer questions raised by other children or families.

Do you have any Tips or Thought’s regarding Back to School?  Share them with us!

Info Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Education Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative  All About Me is a Packet that was created by a packet created by the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City.


Read stories and look at books with your child.
Work with your child on Self Care skills
Work with your child to follow directions.
Practice short Separations.

Be sure to share:
What types of things does your child enjoy learning?
What they struggle to learn
What are their Favorite Toys
How your child gets along with other children
What rewards work best best for your child.
What help with basic routines does your child need.
What was your child working on that you would like to see continued in the new classroom


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